"Got a Pest you want put to rest?" Call Billy Bugs!
"Got a Pest youwant put to rest?"Call Billy Bugs! 

Billy Bugs is the Five Boroughs’ Best Exterminator


Our legions of happy customers consider A-All Borough Exterminating the best exterminator in the five boroughs of New York. 

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If You’ve Got a Pest You Want Put to Rest, Call Billy Bugs
"Dear Billy Bugs, I want to thank you and the entire A-All Borough Exterminating team for your service. Everyone who responded to my call did a thorough job and was very accommodating. I will always be grateful for your personal care and comprehensive service. I am 70 years old and am so glad I don't have to deal with the termites anymore. I will keep a watchful eye out for future problems and will call again if I see anything. Thank you."
About: A-All Borough Exterminating

Date published: 05/06/2015

5 / 5 stars

If You’ve Got a Pest You Want Put to Rest, Call Billy Bugs
“William Macri at A-All Borough Exterminating is the best pest control person in the area. Bar none! I first met him in the fall of last year as I had a mouse in the house problem. This mouse situation is now a done deal and I do not have any more mice for the first time in 10 years! My cats are not happy about this new development, but I am thrilled. I called A-All Borough again to tell them about ants in my house. Billy Bugs came out yesterday and sprayed, explained to me when the best time is for spraying for these critters and checked the mouse bait boxes.
I hate ants and all other creepy crawly things. I noticed after he left that he swept up the dead bugs. He didn't have to do this but he did. Thank you Billy for going above and beyond. I have now signed up for quarterly visits with A-All Borough Exterminating. I will refer anyone I meet in Brooklyn to Billy Bugs if they have any issues with pests. I referred my neighbor and Billy was out last week. She is beyond pleased with the work from A-All Borough. My neighbor stated to me that she was pleased with how thorough Billy was. She had used another pest control company last fall and she was not happy at all with the results.
Now, after seeing the A-All Borough Exterminating service in action, she has switched to Billy. I have also referred Billy Bugs to my co-workers. And they have also been more than thrilled with the service received. From all of us to all of you at A-All Borough Exterminating: Thank you!”
About: A-All Borough Exterminating

Date published: 05/06/2015

5 / 5 stars

If You’ve Got a Pest You Want Put to Rest, Call Billy Bugs
"A-All Borough Exterminating was great. Billy was quick, thorough and used environmentally friendly bug treatment at our request for virtually the same price. He is very reasonably priced. He inspected the carpenter ant issue to determine how they were coming in the house, he checked for wood damage and eliminated the problem. I waited two weeks before I wrote this to make sure the problem was 100% corrected and there are no signs of ants anywhere. That is great considering I had huge multiple ant colonies behind the insulation in the walls. I plan to use A-All Borough again for my next bug issue and since I live out in Jersey, next to the woods, I am sure I will need him at some point. "
About: A-All Borough Exterminating

Date published: 03/11/2015

5 / 5 stars

If You’ve Got a Pest You Want Put to Rest, Call Billy Bugs
"My friends and family know that I am an extremely picky person. I'm highly driven and motivated and am one who rarely stops to smell the roses. As such, I'm almost always far too busy getting goals accomplished (yup, that's my motto!) to really stop and deal with annoying distractions. I expect a lot from myself, and proportionally more from those around me. In my search for what many businesses tout as "the best customer service in town," I am frequently disappointed and left wanting. It is so rare that my high expectations are met, let alone exceeded. So when they are, I feel a strong compulsion to speak up and let everyone know.
Which brings me to William Macri and A-All Borough Exterminating. It speaks volumes that I have been using A-All Borough Exterminating exclusively for more than 10 years. Ever since I moved into my first home in Long Island, I've used Billy Bugs. Never once have I even thought to look elsewhere, even when the slick guys from the big box corporate termite place stopped by to offer me a huge deal on their service. Billy Bugs is just so superior to the competition that I didn't waver. Every single time I've contacted A-All Borough Exterminating, for anything from a seasonal debugging of my house to a serious bed bug crisis a few years back, I've been given focused and meaningful personal attention and a thorough and comprehensive inspection of my problem. I get effective solutions and fair prices, all wrapped up in sterling service delivered in a timely manner. Billy Bugs cuts through the nonsense of upsells, package bundles and confusing contracts, to focus on the problems, pests and results! A-All Borough's track record with me is undefeated!
William Macri and everyone at A-All Borough Exterminating treat their clients like family and take their calling to serve very much to heart. This is the kind of service you dream of getting any time you must invite a technician into your home. Alas, most oganizations will try to make you feel like that style of service is a thing of the past, long since replaced by mobile devices, e-signatures and 24-hour twitter account responses from cold unfeeling modem connections. Not Billy Bugs. The respect and care evident in every single one of my dealings with A-All Borough Exterminating demonstrates to me that they care for their customers and hold the business/client relationship as sacrosanct. I like knowing I will get 100% of their talent, time and energy when they are on the job. And then I feel assured that within a week of completion, I will get a call to ensure my issues were resolved to my satisfaction. Most of all, I like knowing I won't get talked into a bunch of add-on services that are extraneous to my actual problem. Billy Bugs solves my immediate issue and they know I will keep coming back to their business.
But you don't have to take my word for it. Try A-All Borough Exterminating for yourself. If they can keep me happy, my home bug free, and adhere to my overly high standards, I'm confident they can do the same for you!"
About: A-All Borough Exterminating

Date published: 04/04/2015

5 / 5 stars

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